Article, a sub type of Content

Represents an authored story or piece of news.

NOTE: Limited query support at launch. Below are the supported query signatures. Anything different will result in an error response:

Use Case Sample queries (field selection supported)
Article by ID /articles/10073061-7033-0000-0049-8860e72c86ac?fs={id,title,caption,originalImage{asset{source}},author{firstName,lastName,userProfile{title,imageUrl,profileUrl,type}},body}
Articles by game /articles?s={"$query":{"gameId":"10012010-0207-00e1-2890-45de8ffd3cb3"}}&fs={id,title,caption,originalImage{asset{source}},author{firstName,lastName,userProfile{title,imageUrl,profileUrl,type}},body}
Articles by game and articleType /articles?s={"$query":{"gameId":"10012010-0207-00e1-2890-45de8ffd3cb3", "articleType": "game-recap"}}&fs={id,title,caption,originalImage{asset{source}},author{firstName,lastName,userProfile{title,imageUrl,profileUrl,type}},body}

Fields (includes all fields of Content)

Name Default Field Type Description
body String JSP formatted text body of this article.
articleType String Type of article: game-recap, game-short-recap, etc.

Default Sorting Field : Specified in Content.

Usage Examples

Retrieve Article

Articles by Property

The /articles endpoint can be used to retrieve articles from a specific property, like a club. This is accomplished by leveraging filtering by the field.

Use Case Sample queries (field selection supported)
Article by property id /articles?s={"$query":{"":"32144652-414e-4348-4953-455f30373530"},"$take":10}&fs={id,title,caption,url,body}


For clubs articles the fields available are those from the field selection (fs) in the example above: id,title,caption,url,body.