Audio Asset , a sub type of Asset

Represents an asset in the system which can be associated to one or more Audio objects.

Fields (includes all fields of Asset)

Default Field Type Description
eventOccurredDate DateTime The date this content took place (where applicable). This is important for game highlights, for example, where this timestamp dictates the order in which the plays happened. Expressed in ISO-8601 format.
deliveryMethod * DeliveryMethod The method for delivering the audio to users.
runTimeSecs Integer The length of the audio. Expressed in seconds if deliveryMethod=ON_DEMAND.
playBackInfo PlayBackInfo Playback info.

Default Sorting Field : Specified in Content.

Delivery Method - Enum

Value Description
ON_DEMAND For audio assets that are part of a library, from which users can select to start listening when they choose to. The playback is normally done through pre-recorded media files.
BROADCAST For audio assets that are made available to the users at a specific time, meaning that the users can only listen to the content during a predefined time frame.

Usage Examples

Audio Asset Example