Super type of Article, Video, Image, Audio and ContentList


Name Default Field Type Description
id * UUID ID that uniquely identifies each piece of content.
type * enum Type value depends on the actual subType
title * String The title for the content.
caption * String Short summary for the content.
weekOfSeason Week The week of the NFL season associated to this content.
originalImage * Image Image associated with this piece of content, this is the original image.
thumbnailImage * Image Thumbnail of original image of this piece of content used to represent it in the user interface of all the different client applications.
createdDate * DateTime The date the content was created in the system. Expressed in ISO-8601 format.
lastModifiedDate * DateTime The last date the content was modified in the system. Expressed in ISO-8601 format.
author * User The author/creator of the content.
rightsHolder * RightsHolder Provides information for the rights holder of the content.
related Related Provides information for other entities associated to this content.
url * String url
category String category
advertisingChannel String advertising channel
contentVisibility * ContentVisibility The visibility details for this content.

Default Sorting Field

For editorial clients:

Default Sorting Field Default Ordering
lastModifiedDate DESC

For fan-facing clients:

Default Sorting Field Default Ordering
contentVisibility.originalPublishDate DESC