Represents a symbol or other design adopted by an organization (sports teams, media properties, etc.) to identify themselves, or something about themselves (TV shows, channels, cheerleader teams, etc.). A logo in the system is considered as an image that is clickable, and hence has a URL where to go to as part of its definition.

Another entity in the system, a Team for example, would normally have a list of logos associated, with different images, dimensions and/or URLs, from which client applications can choose.


Name Default Field Type Description
id * String GUID that uniquely identifies each piece of content.
type * LogoType The type of logo. This is a enum used by clients to find the logo they need when they get a list of logos to choose from.
label * String Short description for the logo. It can also be used as an alternate text for the logo.
url * String Specifies the link destination, the resource to go to when the logo is clicked on.
image * Image Image object associated to the logo, which contains all the information required for display purposes.

Default Sorting Field

Default Sorting Field Default Ordering
type ASC

Logo Type - Enum

Value Description Image Type
TEAM_HELMET_SML Small logo representing a team helmet. JPEG
TEAM_HELMET_ICON A team helmet icon. JPEG
TEAM_HELMET_MEZZ A dimensionally large web-formatted image, representing a team helmet. JPEG
TEAM_LOGO_SVG Team logo in SVG format. SVG
TEAM_LOGO_COMPRESSED Team logo in a compressed format. PNG
TEAM_LOGO_MATTE Team logo in a matte appearance. PNG
CHANNEL_UNLOCKED Represents an unlocked channel, e.g.: Most Popular logo. This logo is used by clients to indicate that the channel is unlocked (based on entitlements) and is available for the fan. JPEG
CHANNEL_LOCKED Represents a locked channel, e.g.: Hard Knocks logo. This logo is used by clients to indicate that the channel is locked (based on entitlements) and requires an action from the fan before it can be accessed. JPEG

JSON Representation