This is now our core (top level) identity object. A device is both unique and unchanging, but, most importantly, is available immediately upon interaction with the system. Every device contains a list of one or more Users that are associated with the device - the first user always being a unique Anonymous user which is automatically created with each device. As new users login or register on the device, those users are added to the device.

Note: Device is to User as Person is to Player


Name Default Field Type Description
id * String Device Id
type * String Type of device (e.g. iPhone, XBox, etc)
users * list<User> Users known to have used this device
roles * list<Role> Roles assigned to this device
platform * String Device platform (android, ios, windows8, windows7)
pushToken * String> Token given by the push provider (GCM, APNS, WMS or WPNS)
channels * list List of channels the device is tuned to (test, production)
groups * list Groups the device is subscribed to. (e.g breakingNews)
enabled * Boolean If the push token has been disabled by the provider. Reasons are the token might have expired or the user uninstalled the app

Default Sorting Field

Default Sorting Field Default Ordering
type ASC