Depth Chart

Depth chart is used to show the placements of the starting players and the secondary players. It is resemble to the actual position locations of certain players.

Name Default Type Description
person * person player
unit * Enum OFFENSE... formation unit
positionAbbr * String Depth Chart Position values listed below. It can also include position group identifier as numeric value in paranthesis. Ex] DE(1)
depthOrder * Integer Order in the depth chart position group

Default Sorting Field

index Default Sorting Field Default Ordering
1 person.lastName ASC
2 person.firstame ASC
3 person.birthday ASC
4 positionAbbr ASC

Position Enum use in depth chart

Abbr Position
DE Defensive End
LDE Left Defensive End
RDE Right Defensive End
DT Defensive Tackle
LDT Left Defensive Tackle
RDT Right Defensive Tackle
NT Nose Tackle
LB Linebacker
MLB Middle Linebacker
SLB Strongside Linebacker
WLB Weakside Linebacker
TLB Ted Linebacker
JLB Jack Linebacker
OLB Outside Linebacker
ROLB Right Outside Linebacker
LOLB Left Outside Linebacker
ILB Inside Linebacker
RILB Right Inside Linebacker
LILB Left Inside Linebacker
CB Cornerback
RCB Right Cornerback
LCB Left Cornerback
S Safety
SS Strong Safety
FS Free Safety
QB Quarterback
FB Fullback
RB Running Back
WR Wide Receiver
WR1 Wide Receiver 1
WR2 Wide Receiver 2
WR3 Wide Receiver 3
WR4 Wide Receiver 4
SE Split End
FL Flanker
TE Tight End
LT Left Tackle
LG Left Guard
C Center
RT Right Tackle
RG Right Guard
K Kicker
KR Kick Returner
KO Kickoff
H Holder
PK Place Kicker
P Punter
PR Punt Returner
LS Long Snapper