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drafts by season and round /drafts?s={"$query":{"round":1,"year":2015},"$sort":{"pickInRound":0}}&fs={round,pickInRound,numberOverall,grade,overView,analysis,personal,nflComparison,bottomLine,draftProjection,profileAuthor,proDayResults,year,relatedContent{title,url},person{id,firstName,lastName,player{position}},team{id,season,fullName,nickName,abbr,cityStateRegion,conference{abbr},division{abbr}}}


Name Default Field Type Description
type * DraftType Draft type
round * Integer round number
pickInRound * Integer pick in round number
position * Position Position
numberOverall * Integer Overall Pick Number
grade * Float Player grade
overView * String Player overview
analysis * String Player analysis
personal * String
nflComparison * String Comparison with NFL player
bottomLine * String
draftProjection * String
profileAuthor * String Author of player profile
proDayResults * String
year * Integer Draft year
team Team NFL team that drafted the player
person Person Person
relatedContent List<Content> Provides information about related links

Default Sorting Field

Default Sorting Field Default Ordering
year DESC

DraftType - Enum

Value Description