Season Player Team Stats

Season's worth of data containing player team stats as well as its aggregation.

Use Case Supported queries
Interception Leaders by DB and maximum aggregation for defensive stats seasonPlayerTeamStat?s={"$query":{"season":2014,"seasonType":"REG","playerTeamStatsList":{"$query":{"season":2014,"seasonType":"REG","":"DB"},"$sort":{"defensive.interceptions":1},"$take":10,"$skip":0}}}&fs={maxStats{defensive}, playerTeamStatsList{team{id},defensive}}

Replace the query part of the following snippet from with queries from PlayerTeamStats in order to perform other queries. "playerTeamStatsList":{"$query":{"season":2014,"seasonType":"REG","":"DB"},"$sort":{"defensive.interceptions":1},"$take":10,"$skip":0}


Name Default Type Description
id * UUID unique identifier
type enum Type Domain type
lastModifiedDate DateTime
season * Integer which season is this stat for
seasonType * SeasonType which type of the season is this stat for
maxStats * PlayerAggregatedStats maximum aggregation of stats for the season across the whole league
playerTeamStatsList * List of PlayerTeamStats playerTeamStats for this season