Standings represent a team win/loss/tie/rank related information.


The smallest unit of standings is per week. During a given week, the standings for the week can be updated (overwriting standings for the same week) until the completion of the standings for the last game of the week. The default fields represent the commonly shared fields across NFL applications. For a specific application, it may require additional fields. Note overallRank, conferenceRank, nad divisionRank are computed by backend to keep consistency. overallNetPoints, OverallWinPercent, conferenceWinPercent and divisionWinPercent are left to client end.

Name Default Type Description
id * uuid
type enum Type Domain type
lastModifiedDate DateTime
week * Week
overallWins * Integer
overallWinPct * Double
overallLosses * Integer
overallTies * Integer
overallPointsFor Integer
overallPointsAgainst Integer
conferenceWins Integer
conferenceLosses Integer
conferenceTies Integer
divisionWins Integer
divisionLosses Integer
divisionTies Integer
homeWins Integer
homeLosses Integer
homeTies Integer
roadWins Integer
roadLosses Integer
roadTies Integer
last5Wins Integer
last5Losses Integer
last5Ties Integer
overallStreak String
overallRank Integer
conferenceRank Integer
divisionRank Integer
netTouchDowns Integer
clinchDivision Boolean
clinchDivisionAndHomefield Boolean
clinchWildcard Boolean
playoffStatus Status
clinchingScenarios String
divisionLeaderGamesBack Double
wildcardGamesBack Double

Status - Enum

Value Description
NOT_IN_PLAYOFF Outside Looking In

Default Sorting Field

Default Sorting Field Default Ordering
overallRank DESC

Schema Instance

Standings JSON


Standings Example