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Name Default Type Description
id * String unique identifier
game * Game what game does this play belong to
play * Play In what play did this play stat event occur
player * Player What player is this attributed to?
team * Team if this play isn't attributed to a player (ex: timeouts). Which team is this attributed to?
statType * StatType what kind of stat is this? (ex: "passingYds", "rushingYds", "fumble")
statUnit * Integer the quantifiable value (ex: 100, 20, -5)

Default Sorting Field

Default Sorting Field Default Ordering
game.gameTime DESC

StatType - Enum

Value Unit Description Category
PASS_ATT Passing Attempt OFF - thrower
PASS_INC Incomplete Pass OFF - thrower
PASS_COMP Passing Completion OFF - thrower
PASS_YDS Yds Passing Yards OFF - thrower
PASS_TD Pts Passing Touchdown OFF - thrower
PASS_INT Passing Interception OFF - thrower
PASS_DEF Pass Deflected OFF - thrower
SACKED Sacked as quarterback (not performing sack) OFF - thrower
SACKED_YDS Yds Yards lost during sack (offense) OFF - thrower
PASS_2PT Pts Passing 2 point conversion OFF - thrower
REC_TAR Targeted as a receiver OFF - receiver
REC Reception OFF - receiver
REC_YDS Yds Receiving Yards OFF - receiver
YAC Yds Yards After the Catch OFF - receiver
REC_TD Pts Receiving Touchdown OFF - receiver
REC_2PT Pts Passing 2 point conversion OFF - receiver
RUSH_ATT Rushing Attempt OFF - rusher
RUSH_YDS Rushing Yards OFF - rusher
RUSH_TD Pts Rushing Touchdown OFF - rusher
RUSH_2PT Pts Rushing 2 point conversion OFF - rusher
K_RET_YDS Yds Kickoff Return Yards SP - receiving
P_RET_YDS Yds Punt Return Yards SP - receiving
K_RET_TD Pts Kickoff Return Touchdown SP - receiving
P_RET_TD Pts Punt Return Touchdown SP - receiving
P_BLOCK Blocked Punt SP - receiving
FG_BLOCK Blocked Fieldgoal SP - receiving
PAT_BLOCK Blocked PAT SP - receiving
FUM Fumble Off/Def/SP
FUM_LOST Fumble Lost Off/Def/SP
PAT_ATT Yds PAT Attempt SP - Kicker
PAT_MISS PAT Missed SP - Kicker
PAT_MADE PAT Made SP - Kicker
FG_ATT Yds Field Goal Attempt SP - Kicker
FG_MISS Field Goal Miss SP - Kicker
FG_MADE Field Goal Made SP - Kicker
K_YDS Kickoff Yards SP - Kicker
P_YDS Punt Yards SP - Punter
SACK Sack made as a defensive player DEF
INT Interception made as a defensive player DEF
INT_TD Pts Interception for touchdown DEF
FUM_REC Fumble Recovered DEF
FUM_F Forced Fumble DEF
FUM_TD Pts Fumble Recovered for Touchdown DEF
SAF Safty caused DEF
AST_TACK Assisted Tackle DEF
P_DEF Deflected Pass (defense) DEF
INT_YDS Yds Interception Return Yards DEF
FUM_YDS Yds Fumble Return Yards DEF
SACK_YDS Yds Yards the fumble caused DEF
2PT_ATT a 2 point conversion Attempt TEAM
TIMEOUT Sec a timeout taken TEAM
  • TODO: list may be incomplete and does not include penalties which should be a statTypes.


  • off-field stats (games played, etc)
  • other personnel: coaches cheerleaders